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What is the Drixit Mobile App and how it enhances industrial workers’ protection?

In the ever-evolving landscape of industrial safety, ensuring the well-being of workers is critical. In Drixit, we developed the Drixit Tag, design specifically for industrial workers on the field. But what about the 62% of employees who aren’t necessarily the hands-on industrial workers but play a crucial role in the system? The Drixit Mobile App has emerged as a powerful solution to bridge the gap, offering a comprehensive suite of tools to enhance protection and communication across the entire workforce. 

Let’s dive into this innovative app and its two integral modules: Virtual PPE and Drixit Worker.

Introducing the Drixit Mobile App

The Drixit Mobile App serves as a connective bridge between workers and their companies, reinforcing safety protocols and improving communication. This app doesn’t follow a one-size-fits-all approach; instead, it provides flexibility by offering two distinct modules that can be used individually or in combination to suit your specific needs.

MODULE 1: Virtual PPE: Reinforcing Safety Beyond Field Operators

The Virtual PPE module is designed to extend protection to the entire workforce, not just those in direct contact with industrial equipment. It protects all industrial workers who may carry a smartphone: administrative and logistical personnel, among others. These are the safety features included:

1. Panic Button

The Panic Button feature is a lifeline in emergencies. In a single tap, workers can send an immediate alert. This alert system not only notifies leaders but can also trigger a response from medical services when needed. In crisis situations, quick responses can mitigate severe consequences, making this feature invaluable for the safety of all employees.

2. Evacuation Alerts

In the event of a workplace evacuation, the app sends instant alerts to all affected employees. These notifications can include visual and vibration cues to ensure that everyone is aware and can safely exit the premises. This proactive approach is instrumental in enhancing overall safety.

3. Risky Area Management

The Drixit Mobile App goes a step further by detecting entrance into potentially hazardous areas and notifying relevant leaders. It also helps manage certifications to operate, ensuring that only authorized personnel access dangerous zones. This feature offers a proactive safety net for everyone in the organization.

Virtual PPE
The Drixit mobile app is desgined for industrial workers who can use a smartphone: administrative and logistic personnel, among others.

MODULE 2: Drixit Worker: Digitalizing Company Communication

In addition to ensuring safety, maintaining a strong connection within the workforce is crucial. The Drixit Worker module focuses on digitalizing company communication, fostering loyalty and connectivity through two key features:

1. Announcements

Companies can send general or group-targeted messages directly to their employees’ smartphones. This feature streamlines communication and ensures that important information is disseminated promptly. It’s an effective way to keep the entire workforce informed and engaged.

2. Requests

Managing workforce requests becomes a hassle-free task with the Requests feature. Employees can submit their requests directly from their cell phones to the designated manager. This efficient process not only reduces administrative overhead but also demonstrates a company’s commitment to addressing its employees’ needs promptly.

3. Supervisor Module

It is a valuable addition for organizations looking to elevate their safety management. Supervisors can effortlessly monitor their teams in real-time, receiving instant notifications for every team-related event, whether it involves safety incidents or routine updates. This module enables efficient issue management, allowing supervisors to address concerns, delegate tasks, and track progress through the app, maintaining a seamless line of communication with their teams. It’s a comprehensive tool that enhances both safety and team coordination within your organization.


The Drixit Mobile App is more than just a safety tool; it’s a comprehensive solution that bridges the gap between workers and their companies, enhancing protection and communication. Whether you choose to implement the Virtual PPE module to reinforce safety or the Drixit Worker module to foster better communication, the app is designed to cater to your specific needs. In today’s industrial landscape, the Drixit Mobile App is a game-changer that sets a new standard for employee protection and connectivity, ensuring that every member of your workforce feels safe and valued.

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