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Enhance industrial safety with the evacuation solution, that allows an efficient management of emergency protocols: shortens transfer times, speeds up people counting and provides a quick identification and search of missing staff. Applied in drills, it is a source of training for workers, and collects data and information of the process, leading afterwards to proactive improvements.

Digitalizes the entire evacuation process and drills.

Notifies the start of the evacuation to all staff through vibration and LED lights on the Tag.

Informs the status of each meeting point, missing workers and their location, so that the brigade can go to the rescue.

Identifies and distinguishes, on the digital map, the missing personnel and brigade members.

Stores all the data in the platform to audit the result.

Enhance industrial safety|Aumente a segurança industrial|Aumente la seguridad industrial


Effectively protects workers who perform their daily tasks alone and/or in isolated areas. The employee counts with tools to request help, and the responsible leaders can know at all times if the worker has a deviation in his operation that endangers his physical integrity.


Panic Button to request immediate help.

Detects and notifies staff who remain immobile for a long period of time.

Detects and notifies entry to dangerous areas.

Detects and notifies staff staying longer than required in areas that are harmful to health.

First aid


It offers essential tools for workers to be protected 24/7 in all areas and work situations. It also allows them to request immediate help for themselves or for injured co-workers, enhancing industrial safety.

Panic button for immediate help for themselves or a third party.

Allows the setting of immediate alerts both to the leaders responsible for the area and to the medical service.

Detects and notifies workers' falls.

Detects and notifies staff who remain immobile for a long period of time.

Enhance industrial safety| Aumente a segurança industrial |Aumente la seguridad industrial


Prevents accidents between pedestrians and vehicles by detecting the proximity between them. Notifies the driver with light and siren alerts, and the pedestrian with vibration of the device.


Allows the configuration of two safety zones with customized distances.

Immediately alerts drivers and pedestrians to avoid accidents.

Stores all potential contact information (along with other relevant data) in the platform for proactive safety improvement.

Enhance industrial safety| Aumente a segurança industrial |Aumente la seguridad industrial


Enhances industrial safety in areas with health risks (those with presence of gases, high and low temperatures, electrical risks, presence of fuel, etc.), validating the authorization of people who enter and identifying if they stay longer than allowed.

Digitizes area management, allowing quick identification of entry, exit and permanence.

Identifies if the staff entering is authorized and/or has the necessary certificate.

Obtains analytics to then implement corrective actions and enhance overall security.

Contractor management


The solution provides tools to manage the performance and safety of all persons outside the company who enter the plant, whether they are contractors or visitors. It validates compliance with the golden rules of safety, thus avoiding potential accidents.

Efficiently manages plant entry and compliance with safety protocol when accessing the plant.

It has a panic button for immediate help.

Allows to know the precise location in case of accidents.

Immediate notification in case of entry into risky and/or restricted areas.

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