Drixit platform

How does the Drixit platform works and why it enhances industrial safety.

Learn all about the Drixit platform, the brain of our safety ecosystem. With it you can digitize the golden rules of safety, enhancing the protection of your workers and taking safety processes to the next level.

Industrial safety is a top priority for any organization. However, without the ability to see, know and measure safety performance, it becomes difficult to find the real recurring problems and take proactive measures to create a safe working environment.

That’s where the Drixit Platform comes in. As the brain behind our security ecosystem, it provides a centralized space for real-time information management and security events.

The Drixit Platform is an integral part of our digital EPP, along with the Drixit Tag. It allows digitizing security golden rules, configuring which security events will trigger customized alerts and who will receive them. It processes and presents all information from the operation in real time and historically, to understand what happened, why and when, and proactively improve safety protocols.

The platform sends immediate safety alerts to pre-designated supervisors and leaders.

How the digitization of safety works.

As explained above, the Drixit platform allows you to digitize your security rules. How does this happen? The platform presents a series of security solutions composed of “events”, which each company can choose and configure in its own way, according to its operation.

The logic behind digitization is as follows: when the platform (through the Drixit Tag carried by the user) detects certain previously configured actions, it creates a security event. This security event (e.g., entry into a risky area), can issue an alert, predefined by the user beforehand (e.g., triggering an SMS or notification to the supervisor).

Get to know the configurable solutions.

And what are the actions I can configure? These are framed within a variety of solutions, designed to address specific security events and improve overall security performance. Let’s look at some of the key solutions:

  • Evacuation: digitizes evacuations and drills, reports the status of each rendezvous point and missing workers, and stores data to audit and improve evacuation processes. Reduces response times and ensures a quick and organized evacuation.
  • First Aid: Receives alerts on hard falls and immobilized personnel, enabling immediate notification to leaders and medical services. In addition, a panic button function ensures rapid response in emergency situations.
  • Risk area management: Receives notification of entry, exit and prolonged stay in high-risk areas. Identifies authorized personnel and ensures compliance with safety protocols.
  • Lone worker and night shift safety: Track personnel who are immobilized for extended periods of time and receive notification of entry into hazardous areas or prolonged stay in hazardous environments that may affect health and safety.
  • Contractor management: Manages contractor entry and compliance within your facility, enforces safety protocols and receives immediate notifications in the event of unauthorized entry into restricted areas.
  • Collision prevention: Uses heat maps to identify points of contact between pedestrians and machines, enabling corrective actions and accident prevention. Analyzes data to identify high-risk drivers, pedestrians and machines, as well as evaluate machine utilization efficiency.
With the first digital PPE, which the Drixit platform is a part of, you can even protect lone workers in remote or confined areas.

Get to know the safety modules.

The Drixit Platform offers additional modules that improve the safety of your equipment and optimize safety management:

  • Events module: Track security logs, easily review incidents, create investigation cases, monitor progress, assign tasks and ensure incidents are properly addressed.
  • Analytics module: Gain valuable insights into security performance. Filter and sort data to identify trends and areas for improvement. Learn about injury rates, incident severity and compliance with safety regulations. Ensure your organization is always at the forefront of safety excellence.
  • Map module: Improve safety performance with real-time visibility. See a complete view of what’s happening in your organization right now. Use a historical map to identify unsafe zones and patterns, making it easier to understand how accidents occur.

In today’s industrial environment, prioritizing safety is crucial. The Drixit Platform enables organizations to improve their safety performance by providing real-time visibility, comprehensive safety solutions and valuable analytics. By leveraging the Drixit Platform, organizations can create a safer work environment, reduce accidents and improve safety excellence across the entire operation.

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