Digitalization offers opportunities to industrial workers.

Digitalization offers opportunities for industrial workers.

Without technology being designed according to their needs, “deskless” workers stand in disadvantage. New solutions are continuously launched for “deskbound” workers, but digitalization offers opportunities for industrial workers too.

There is an historical gap between “deskbound” and “deskless” workers. Especially regarding the application of technology in their daily work. Digitalization offers opportunities for industrial workers, both in safety as in efficiency, and this directly impacts industry as a whole. Let’s take a look at the current situation and how it can be evolved.

“Deskbound” & “deskless” workers: it seems like they work in different companies

“Deskbound” workers historically had more benefits. This include basic things, such as an email work account and a direct line of communication with the company. Moreover, they are involved in the decision-making process. The informal meetings and hallway conversations may give them more insights into what’s going on in the company.

In addition, their work does not implies risk, and they are often fully digitized to efficiently perform their work. All this does not happen with “deskless” workers, who sometimes work in remote locations, isolated and remain outside the day to day decisions of the company, despite playing a key role in its operation and revenue.

How can we improve the “deskless” workers’ work environment? Through technology. Digitalization offers new opportunities for industrial workers, giving them tools to increase their safety, develop efficient work and be connected to the company. In this way, they can take control of their growth and well-being.

Source: Emergence Capital

Digitalization arrives to save the day

Firstly, there is a change of mindset that has to be done inside the company. But providing technology to industrial workers is a first step to start acknowledging their needs and importance to the company, and begin erasing differences between employees. Digitalization offers a bright new world of opportunities, and provides integration, communication, safety and efficiency .

Just seeing how the world changed in the past decades for deskbound employees, and how these new developments and tools positively impacted on their daily tasks, make us think about what could happen if the same trends took place in industries. It is already time to close that gap, leveling up every deskless worker and giving them the opportunity of a brighter future. Not just for their professional development, but for the industry as a whole.

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