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The protection and visibility the industry requires

Drixit devices
Prevent and mitigate workplace accidents by digitizing safety processes.
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Allows complete visualization of the operation both in real and historical time.
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Manages and automates permissions, access and certifications in real time.
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Drixit Tag

Lightweight and portable device specifically designed to digitize and enhance the safety of your team. Detects and reports immediately:

  • check Still man and isolated workers.
  • check Strong blows, falls and work at height.
  • check Entry and exit from restricted areas.
  • check Proximity between operators and machines.

In addition, it counts with an antipanic button for extra safety!

Drixit Platform

Visualize all the information of your operation in one place. And in real time! It has data and analytics to proactively improve safety processes. With our Drixit platform:

  • check Configure and automate your safety rules.
  • check Define who and how will receive safety alerts and notifications.
  • check View your operation in real time.
  • check Count with historical data, analytics and maps.

You can also integrate it to any system or sensor that you already use through APIs!

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Drixit Platform

Configure and automate your processes with the rules engine

Drixit Alerts

Define the events, people and spaces involved in safety processes

Define what type actions and who will receive them in case the rule is broken.

Realtime Map

Manage your operation in realtime

Platform map

Understand your teams and assets' behavior in real-time.

Edit your areas setting different workspaces, productive, resting, or restricted areas, etc.

Historical Map & events

Understand what happened in the past

Drixit historic

Historical maps that allow consulting the behavior and historical route of the equipment as if it were a video. Understand the spaces with the highest traffic or crowds on the heat map or the route of a certain asset with the spaghetti map.

Drixit events

Each rule that is activated is registered, allowing to understand the implications of the event. In the same register, the person in charge established in the rules is assigned to follow-up and can leave the subsequent survey detailed.


Safety and management metrics designed for industry

Platform analytics

Fed with 100% reliable information extracted from the operation and management of the platform, the Analytics module allows the creation of graphs and metrics customizable for each business.

Understand at a quick glance the number of days without accidents, the most frequent incidents, activities or groups at risk of accidents, areas where social distancing is not met, among others.

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Turns helmets into Smart and achieve safe teams and efficient processes.

Drixit tag
Tech specs
Function and benefits
Defines speed and position with a 10 cm margin of error in INDOOR spaces. Determines distances between pedestrians and forklifts, guarantees social distancing, etc.
3D Accelerometer - Up to 6600Hz / 3200Hz (16G and 200G)
Fall and hit detection.
Anti-panic button
For immediate notification of any type of accident or need of assistance.
Barometer, up to 75 Hz, 260 to 1260 hPa
Define the relative height of the tag, you can configure maximum heights and authorized employees for work at height.
3D magnetometer, sampling rate up to 150Hz
Provides cardinal orientation for the TAG
GPS / GLONASS / Beidou / Galileo, up to 18 Hz
For positioning and speed detection in outdoor spaces.
LoRa WAN and WIFI connection
For realtime sync of recollected data and firmware updates.
BLE 4.2
To synchronize it with other sensors and make it even more powerful.
Temperature, up to 100 Hz, -40 to +85 ºC.
Prepared to withstand any industrial activity.
Battery, all working day
Lithium battery lasts up to all working day, depending on the active functionalities.
Weight, less than 90 grams
Less than 90 grams, making it suitable to attach it on different parts of the body without affecting ergonomics
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The software and sensors that companies already use, now integrated.

Drixit integrations
  • check Audible Alarms
  • check Light signals
  • check Internal messaging services, whatsapp, sms, slack, etc.
  • check Biometric registration systems
  • check Thermal imaging cameras
  • check Smoke detectors
  • check Toxic gas detectors
  • check SAP - ERPs for work order shipments
  • check Any interface with APIs
Drixit sensor
Integration of hardware that is already being used.
Drixit bluetooth
Integrate your assets through bluetooth beacons.
Drixit camera
Connect camaras and empower existing processes such as detection of the use of helmets.
Drixit APIs
Integrate any management system through APIs.
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Charge, update and protect in one single place.

Drixit Docking Station

Our Drixit Docking Station was specially designed to withstand any type of environment and preserve Drixit Tags when loading and storing.

In addition to simplifying the charging process, when the devices are inside the docking station, all records of the day that have not been relieved due to lack of connectivity will be uploaded automatically.

This way we ensure that no data is lost, even if there is no connectivity.

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